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Meet Shane McDonald

Shane Mcdonald is a licensed mental health counselor, and certified professional coach dedicated to witnessing inner-healing and a genuine life transformation through counseling, coaching, psycho-educational teachings, and spiritual-guidance.

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Shane creates a safe-place for all clients from different backgrounds and experiences to feel safe to openly express themselves without the fear of shame and judgement. Shane empowers and motivates clients to grow a desire that translates into personal responsibility for the transformation of their total well-being and to improve connections with others.

Experienced Counselor with the following:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Adolescents
  • Couples/Marriages
  • Families (blended-families and single-parenting)
  • Veterans
  • Christians
  • Leaders

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Shane is a Certified Professional Coach with a focus in leadership development, team development, emotional IQ coaching, and career/ministry coaching. Shane is goal-oriented and solution-focus coach with the motivational skills necessary to close the gap between a client or team’s PRESENT-REALITY and desired FUTURE-REALITY.

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Looking for an engaging speaker on mental health and leadership or personal development? Shane McDonald empowers and motivates individuals and teams to grow a desire that translates into personal responsibility for their total well-being. 

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4700 Millenia Blvd Suite #175

Orlando, FL 32839


[email protected]

Direct: (407) 803-5261

Fax: (407) 598-5868